49 Winchester Returns to the Stage

In the Fall of 2013, 49 Winchester was started in Castlewood, Virginia by founding members: Isaac Gibson, Chase Chafin, and Bus Shelton. They went on to add a rhythm section and recorded their debut album with Bristol, Virginia’s Dan Fehr. It was released on April 25th, 2014. Songs are written by singer and guitarist, Isaac, and discuss the trials and triumphs of life and of love. After taking a step back, 49 Winchester is making a return with new songs and a new outlook. We were able to speak with Isaac and Chase to get more about their return:

 I know a lot of fans are going to be excited to see 49 Winchester return to the stage in Abingdon on May 27th. What should listeners expect with this new chapter for the band?

Isaac Gibson: The biggest thing as far as our next move forward is new material. We’re in a constant process of writing new songs and evolving our sound. For us, 49 Winchester has always been about giving an audience a unique and relatable experience. We thrive on the atmosphere that we create for our fans, and that will be stronger than ever.

Is there a new album in the works, after your debut self-titled album 49 Winchester? 

IG: We’ve actually been planning a new album for some time now. As we’ve grown as a band, our material has morphed from something we think that it should be, to something we KNOW that it should be. There will definitely be a 49 Winchester sophomore release in the near future, and it will be a different concept than our last album. Our last record was our first. But this next record has some new material that really says a lot more about what are about as a group. Honesty and Energy. That’s what we want to give to the audience every night out.

The name of the band pays homage to where you grew up, can you speak on how big of an influence growing up in Castlewood plays in your music?

IG: For us, we know that our locale doesn’t scream stardom. We know that we live in a quiet town in the heart of Appalachia, but we also know that our background gives a unique insight into a particular lifestyle. That’s what we want to convey to any audience we’ve ever played, whether it’s the Carolinas, the Northeast, right here at home or anywhere else in between. This place is our home. Always. And there is nowhere else like it. And the inspiration that this little one horse town has given us, with all of its beauty and all of its faults, is so important to us. We came from dirt, but were shooting for gold. And this place is what shaped our sound, and what made us who we are. And we are grateful for that.

Are there any more upcoming shows planned?

  •  5/27 – The Market – Abingdon, VA with The Jake Quillin Band
  • 6/2 – Bristol Border Bash
  • 8/11 – Little Chicago Festival – Johnson City, TN
  • 9/16 – Bristol Rhythm & Roots
  • 10/13 – The Willow Tree Coffeehouse – Johnson City, TN

Any shows in Castlewood or St. Paul in the works?

Chase Chafin: We definitely have a few things in the works. Nothing too specific as of now but we are open to ideas looking for the best possible location & circumstances to put on a great show for the community that helped shaped the music of 49 Winchester & who we are as individuals.

Where is the best place to keep up with 49 Winchester?

CC: Our Facebook page is the best place to keep up with the band & any upcoming shows or releases.

And if someone wants to purchase your first album 49 Winchester where can they do so?

CC: Six songs are available to download from the debut album at

Right now we are also giving away free music & stickers with every T-shirt purchase on our Bandcamp page.

In wrapping up is there anything else you would like to add for your fans?

CC: Above all else, we really just want to say thank you! We are forever grateful to the network of people the surrounds 49 Winchester. Our fans, friends, & family really have been a huge driving force behind our music resonating so much across the region & beyond.

Thanks to 49 Winchester for taking the time out to talk with us, and check out their featured song from their debut album: Go Now


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